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THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET "Music Collection Vol.2" CD

THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET "Music Collection Vol.2" CD
12.99 EUR

Limited edition CD-ROM. Contains complete albums (160 kbs 44 kHz)
Plays on any CD/DVD player with MP_3 support.
Released in the EU. Original CD (Not CD-R copy!)

1. For Ellington (1952)
2. Django (1953)
3. Concorde (1955)
4. The Modern Jazz Quartet (1957)
5. The Comedy (1960)
6. European Concert CD1 (1960)
7. European Concert CD2 (1960)
8. Lonely Woman (1962)
9. The Last Concert CD1 (1974)
10. The Last Concert CD2 (1974)
11. A Night At The Opera (1974)
12. Plays No Sun In Venice (1975)
13. Fontessa - From Ljubljana (1960)
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