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NAZARETH "2XS" CD in Mini-LP card sleeve

NAZARETH "2XS" CD in Mini-LP card sleeve
14.99 EUR

Japanese miniature LP style Paper Sleeve CD with Obi, Liner, Booklet, etc..
Exclusive special edition - for real collectors.
Original CD (Not burned CD-R copy!). New and Sealed.

1. Love Leads to Madness
2. Boys in the Band
3. You Love Another
4. Gatecrash
5. Games
6. Back to the Trenches
7. Dream On
8. Lonely in the Night
9. Preservation
10. Take the Rap
11. Mexico
12. Dream on -Single Edit Version-
13. Juicy Lucy -Alternate Edit Version-
14. Games -Alternate Edit Version-
15. You Love Another -Alternate Edit Version-
16. Love Leads to Madness -Alternate Single Version-
17. Dream on ?Mono Version-
18. Back to the Trenches -Extended Version-
19. Love Leads to Madness -Alternate Extended Version-
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