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MARK KNOPFLER "Shangri Live in Rome 13.06.2005" 2CD set

MARK KNOPFLER "Shangri Live in Rome 13.06.2005" 2CD set
15.99 EUR

Rare Limited Edition 2CD set. Released in the E.U. It's printed CD-R release only (This item never released in another format) Great item for fans and collectors!!! Contains plastic box, inserts with info and tracklist. Soundboard Quality!

1. Why Aye Man (8:07)
2. Walk Of Life (5:39)
3. What It Is (5:27)
4. Sailing To Philadelphia (6:47)
5. Romeo And Juliet (9:02)
6. Sultans Of Swing (8:24)
7. Ale Oh Oh (Improvvised Jam) (3:48)
8. Done With Bonaparte (5:39)
9. Song For Sonny Liston (7:27)
10. Donegan's Gone (4:39)
11. Boom, Like That (6:56)
12. Speedway At Nazareth (6:37)
13. Telegraph Road (14:33)
14. Brothers In Arms (7:40)
15. Money For Nothing (Excerpt) (2:39)

Recorded Live in Rome, Italy, 13th june 2005
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