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KORN Greatest Hits 2CD set in digipack

KORN Greatest Hits 2CD set in digipack
15.99 EUR

2CD set in digipack (special card box limited edition)
Limited edition 500 copies only were made in digipack.
Original CD, not burned CD-R copy

1. Shoots And Ladders
2. Evolution
3. Politics
4. Did My Time
5. Hold On
6. Got The Life
7. Twisted Transistor
8. Here To Stay
9. Falling Away From Me
10. A.D.I.D.A.S.
11. Connectiong On Me
12. Souvenir
13. All In The Family
14. Trash
15. Right Now
16. Throw Me Away
17. Word Up!
18. Good God
19. Alone I Break
20. Love Song
21. Lowrider

1. B1tch We Got A Problem
2. Freak On The Leash
3. Coming Undone
4. Startiong Over
5. Another Brick In The Wall
6. Everything I've Known
7. Innocent Bystander
8. Hey Daddy
9. Bottled Up Inside
10. Open Up
11. It's On
12. Alive
13. Hushabye
14. Make Me Bad
15. Thoughtless
16. Break Some Off
17. Ass Itch
18. Dead Bodies Everywhere
19. Somebody Someone

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