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EVANESCENCE "Unreleased" rare demo tracks

EVANESCENCE "Unreleased" rare demo tracks
14.99 EUR

Rare Limited Edition CD. Released in the E.U. It's printed CD-R release only
Great item for fans and collectors! Contains plastic box, info and tracklist.

1. Anything For You
2. Before The Dawn (Demo)
3. Breath No More
4. Bring Me To Life (demo)
5. Everybody's Fool (demo)
6. Goodnite
7. Haunted (demo)
8. Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)
9. Lies (Remixed)
10. Listen To The Rain
11. My Immortal (Piano. Vocal)
12. October
13. Orestes (live 01-13-03) (a perfect circle cover)
14. Surrender
15. Taking Over Me (demo)
16. You
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